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CoboldPC Software

There are no driver files available for HM1 or TDC8 modules. If the hardware manager is detecting a new device after you have inserted the IO card or TDC then follow the description. After a while of searching in the default areas for driver files the hardware installation wizard will tell you that there a no drivers available. Then it offers you to ignore that device. Confirm this option. After that the hardware wizard will no longer pop up for this device.

All communication is processed through the four drivers GiveIO, WinDrvr6, MemAcc and HPTDC (dependend on WinDrvr6) which are included in the CoboldPC 2011 download!

Please download the following CoboldPC2011 package:

CoboldPC 2011 R5.2-(10.1.1412.2) Installation Network Download (VS2010 Compilation)
(File Size = 382,864,321 bytes (11/27/2017)

CoboldPC installation instructions.pdf

Please note:
CoboldPC may not run correctly on systems with Chinese/Japanese/Korean Language.
We recommend to install an English Windows version or the English language pack.

After the installation of CoboldPC please install the new TDC8HP driver 3.9.3.
The new driver will insure correct operation on Windows 10.
     - The installation of the TDC8HP driver 3.9.3. must be done AFTER the CoboldPC main program was installed..
     - Download link TDC8HP 3.9.3.   Install the driver by clicking on the vbs-script. Then reboot the PC.
     - If the driver is not working after the installation of the new TDC8HP driver please do the following:
             If your PC runs with an UEFI-Bios please disable the option 'secure boot'.

For WinXP and Windows 7 please install the older driver 3.7.0: TDC8HP driver 3.7.0.

For fADC4/fADC8/cTDCx support please contact RoentDek.

The older TDC models HM1 and TDC8PCI2 are only supported on the 32 bit versions of Windows XP/Vista/7.

Please contact RoentDek if you require a demo serial key for evaluating CoboldPC