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Here you can find drawings of standard delay-line detector assemblies and some components. Important measures to mount and install the detectors are shown. If you need additional information or can not encrypt the files, please contact us.

    Detector mounting schematics  
  DLD - 40 Version 20120227
  DLD - 40L Version 20120227
  DLD - 80 Version 20140303
  DLD - 120 Version 20120227
  HEX - 75 Version 20120301
  HEX - 75L Version 20201021
  HEX - 100 with 114mm MCPs Version 20190402
  HEX - 100 with 127mm MCPs (deprecated) Version 20190402
  DET40 Version 20100324
  DL-40 Anode Version 20061206
  Ceramic ring for DLD-40 - simple metallized Version 20090224
  Ceramic ring for DLD-40 - double metallized Version 20090224
  DL-80 Anode Version 20061207
  Ceramic ring for DLD-80 Version 20140228
  Metallic holder for DLD-120 Version 20061207
  Metallic front ring for DLD-120 Version 20061207
  Mounting ring for DLD-40 Version 20061208
  Mounting ring for DLD-80 Version 20090116
  Mounting ring for DLD-120 AND HEX-75 Version 20050216
  Mounting ring for HEX-120, DLD-120, HEX-90, HEX-75 Version 20111124
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